Notes for Thomas BELT

Section from will of Joseph Belt, written written June 14, 1761, probated September 14, 1761.
Transcribed by Beatrice Frahm from copy of will, courtesy of Elizabeth Belt.
Maryland Will Book, Liber 31, Folio 414

[Item: I give and bequeath to the children of my son Joseph Belt as follows, unto Thomas Belt one half part of a tract of land lying in Frederick County called Chevy Chase and the other half part of said tract unto William Belt to them and their respective heirs forever, to be equally between them......]

[Item: I also give and bequeath unto the aforesaid Thomas Belt one tract of land in Frederick County called "Seneca Hills," to him and his heirs forever.]

MD Calendar of Wills: Joseph BELT, Jr., PG, 19 Apr.1759, 27 Aug. 1761 [31:425]. To son Thomas, interest in manor land with water mill, bought of Samuel GALLOWAY. Remainder to wife Ann, exx., for life; at her d., to sons Joseph...Charles...& Wm. Wit. Geo. CLARK, Benj. BROOKES, John Read MAGRUDER. Ann declined as executrix in favor of her brother Edwd. SPRIGG.

[Jeff Belt. I think that this is Thomas, as it would put his birth at abt. 1742 which fits, although with Ann b.1748, would mean the children were born about a year apart which was not the norm.]
Thomas BELT on the 1776 Census, Elizabeth Hundred, Fredk. Co., aged 34, listed between Joseph SPRIGG, 40, & Thos. SPRIGG, 27.

[Marilyn Roth. I'm not sure which Thomas the preceding was, but note that he did have a brother Charles.]
Thomas BELT, AA Co., will of 13 F 1775, pr. 20 S 1775. To brother Charles, ex. Wit. Richard RICHARDSON, Thos. HARWOOD, Thos. GANTT. [Will needs checking for more details]


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