Notes for Marsham BELT

Marsham BELT, at "Inclosure," Queen Anne's Parish, in the part of Prince George's County that became Washington, D. C.

ARDERY's Kentucky Records, II, Fleming Deeds: Thomas BELT of Fayette, Marsham BELT, Jas. CHAPPELL who m. Alice BELT, Jno. FARIS who m. Eleanor BELT, Wm. BELT of Fayette, Thomas HUTTON who m. Polly BELT, Joseph Cross BELT, Dennis BELT, Fielding BELT, & Elizabeth BELT by Joseph C. BELT, her guardian, all of Kentucky, heirs of Marsham BELT, Sr., late of Fleming Co., decd., 8 Oct. 1802. [This was the date of this list of heirs. Appraisal of Marsham's estate was 14 Oct. 1801, so he died some time before 14 Oct. 1801.]

[Marilyn Roth] I believe the above are given in order of their birth to Marsham BELT and Elizabeth CROSS. Note that Queen Anne records prove the first two sons (first dau. may have been Margaret, who m. Christian FRY, who d. 1792, MD). Legally, an infant is any minor, so if Elizabeth CROSS was born ca. 1744, she could have had her last child ca. 1788, Elizabeth, called infant in the legal papers, 1802+. I think it's unlikely that Marsham & his wife Margaret NORMAN, per Fleming Co., KY, m. lic/o 28 May 1800, had a child.

Marsham & Basil BELT signed the Oath of Fidelity, Benj. HALL's return, PG Co., 1778 [BRUMBAUGH's MD Records...] He's recorded by DAR member Margaret Cox, #489686. See also SAR record of Edward R. BENNETT, Texas #1215, National #807553.

Marsham BELT was assessed in 1783, Marsh Hundred, Washington Co., MD; in 1787, Berkeley Co., [W] VA. By 1790, he was of Mason Co., KY, & in 1798, Fleming Co., KY. In 1800 one Marsham BELT received a tavern license there. By Fleming Co., KY, license of 28 May 1800, Marsham BELT (Sr.) m. Margaret NORMAN, bondsman Ephraim BURROUGHS.


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