Notes for Benjamin BELT

Benjamin BELT, Pr. Geo. Co., 11 Apr. 1775, 29 Je. 1775. To son Benjamin, coex., "Belts Poor Chance" & "Godfathers Gift." To son Thomas, "Norway." To daus. Elizabeth NIXON, Easter BELT, & Rachell. To son Middleton, coex., after wife's death, dw. plantation & "Belts Range" & "Belts Meddow." To wf. Ruth [coexx., declined], residue. Wit. Andrew BEALL, John PEARRE, Archy LANHAM, Geo. HOSKINSON. / Abstracts of Inventories of the Prerogative Court of MD: Benjamin BELT, 123.238, PG, 4 S 1775, 20 Nov. 1775: Next of kin Thomas & Esther BELT. Ex. Benjamin BELT. [T, No. 1, folio 25]


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