Notes for Nathan BELT

Nathan was taxed in 1773 in Pipe Creek Hundred, along with brother Joseph and father John Belt III. (Peden, Inhabitants of Balt Co, 3, 82)

The will of John Belt of Baltimore County, dated 24 Sep 1788, leaving 222 acres to his son John, to his sons Nathan and Joseph, he left all of Aquila's Reserve.

[Beatrice Belt Frahm] It is believed he married Naomi (?) about 1777 in Baltimore County. He must have died by 1790, because Naomi Belt is enumerated in the Bedford County, PA, Census with one male under 21, and 3 females. Other researchers believe she married Abraham Wright and moved with the Belt group in 1802 to Licking County, OH. Information in Parkinson Collection in Newark, OH, list family for them, with children with Belt surnames. Abraham Wright was a leader there and information is written about him and their family.
Information I have received is that Nathan and Naomi had four children: John M. Belt who married Mary Belt, daughter of John Belt IV and Dinah Lane; Althea Belt was married Edward Nash; Mary Belt who married Nathan Preston, and Ellen Belt who married William Flanigan. All of the children moved with their mother and stepfather to Licking County, Ohio, in 1802. Parkinson Collection lists 5 children and a grandson for Abraham Wright and wife Naomi.
(Sources: Parkinson Collection, Newark, OH; Chris Bailey, genealogist researcher and writer of BELT FAMILY; Olive Helsel, Lynda Bowersock) I don't have marriage dates or death dates for Nathan or Naomi.

There are records later on for the children, but none to prove that Nathan is the father. Naomi was listed as parent of the children in Ohio, and it matches the enumeration in Bedford County, PA.


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