Notes for John BELT

Most of their children were born in Baltimore County. They were living in Bedford County, PA, in 1786, when they sold land they owned in Baltimore County. (BIOGRAPHY OF RAYMOND BELT, youngest son of John Belt V and Elizabeth, stated that the family moved to Bedford Co., PA, in 1775) If this is true, then daughters Mary and Elizabeth may have been born in Bedford County, PA.

John Belt IV and family were counted in 1790 census in Bedford County, PA. He was listed with 3 males 16 and up, 1 male under 16, and 4 females.

John Belt held land in Bedford County, PA, which was surveyed on Feb 14, 1792.

He was issued warrants #270 for 50 acres in Hopewell Township, Bedford Co.

On June 8, 1795, John Belt Sr sold his 50 acre warrant to Reason Mobley for 26.17.6 pounds.

John Belt IV was taxed in 1796 in Hopewell Township for 300 acres of land and a house, worth together $450.

John was taxed again in 1798 for a home (worth $80), barn and 250 acres, worth .

John IV, Dinah and son John V sold their land of 399 acres to John Lane of Hopewell for 150 pounds. It was recorded on September 27, 1800. This shows that they could have been there in 1799 when Dinah died in Nov 1799, so it is more likely she died in Bedford County before they moved to Washington County.

It appears they moved to Licking County with other Belt relatives about 1804. A list of Belts moved in 1802, and it was recorded that John Belt IV moved a few years later. (Sources: Lane Family, Larry James; Chris Bailey, Robert Barnes; family researchers; Shirk, Parkinson collection, Newark, OH; Belt-Wells Bible Record; Lori Keppen; Lynda Bowersock; Olive Helsel)


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