Notes for Thomas CLAGGETT

The story of Thomas CLAGETT is rather complicated. Across the years in Pr. Geo. Co. says that Thomas was in the will of Joseph BELT. However, it's not in the abstract in MD Cal/o Wills. Does anyone have a copy of Joseph's actual will? The proof should be the deed of gift of a horse and Negro in 1730 from Joseph BELT to grandson Thomas CLAGETT.
Does anyone have a copy of that? It's likely that Anne BELT CLAGETT died within a few years after their marriage, and Thomas m2. ca. 1732, Ann [WHEELER] FOGG, who also m. Ignatius PERRY. MD Genealogical Bulletin, 1 Oct. 1936, from Bible of Ignatius DAVIS of Mt. Hope: Roger WHEELER & wf. came from England & had issue in America, Rebecca & Ann. Ann m. Captain FOGG. By Capt. FOGG, she had dau. Ann, who m. Stephen WARNER. Capt. FOGG was lost at sea, & his widow m. Thos. CLAGETT & had

Henry CLAGETT, b. ca. 1734, who m. Nancy MAGRUDER
Sarah, b. 4 Jan. 1735/6
Posthumous CLAGETT, b. 1737/8, m. Hester DORSEY; m2. Mary ELSEY.

MD Cal/o Wills: Thomas FOGG, mariner, of London, 29 Je. 1727, 11 Je. 1730. Entire estate to wf. Ann, exx. Wit. Col. John SMITH, Wm. HOLLAND, Jr., Robert WHEELER.

Thomas CLAGETT, Pr. Geo., 5 Aug. 1737, 23 Nov. 1737. To wf. Ann, exx. To ch. Ann Fogg, Mary, Henry, Sarah, & Lucy. Wit. Dinah & John WILLIAMS, Richd. KEENE, Burgis MITCHELL.


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