Notes for Tobias BELT

Tobias birth record in Queen Anne Parish Reg.

Inventory of estate of George HAMILTON, 49.49, Pr. Geo., 14 Feb. 1752, 24 Je. 1752. Appraisers Thos. HILLEARY, G. SCOTT. Creditors Jas. EDMONSTON, Jas. COOKE. Next of kin Andrew HAMILTON, brother, Walter EVANS, brother. Admx. Mary HAMILTON. [Abstracts of Inventories of the Prerogative Court of MD, by V. L. SKINNER]

Tobias was listed in the 1755/56 Debt Book of Frederick County, Maryland as owning 129 acre s "Lost Hatchett", 290 acres "Oronobia" and 120 acres "Belt's Delight".

On 10 Oct 1763 Tobias and Humphrey Belt appraised the estate of Thomas Mullican, planter, o f Prince George's County, Maryland. (Skinner, Abstracts of Maryland Inventories, 1738-1777).

On 10 May 1764 George Gordon of Prince George's County, Maryland made his will naming, among others, his daughter Mary, wife of Capt. Tobias Belt, and grandchildren Horatio, Joshua, Lucy and Dryden Belt. (Maryland Calendar of Wills Vol. 13: 129).

"During the War of 1812, it is reported that some of the officials of the United States Government fled to the shelter of the hospitable Chevy Chase farm in the summer of 1814 when the British were in possession of Washington."

Tobias' will proved 17 May 1785 in Prince George's Co MD He was a Capt. in the Revolutionar y Army. He is sometimes referred to as Thomas Belt rather than Tobias.

In HISTORIC MONTGOMERY COUNTY MARYLAND, Copyright 1952, by Roger Brooke Farquhar, published by Monumental Printing Co of Baltimore Maryland, page 124: "A picture of a house is shown and suggested as being built pre 1760 by Thomas (Tobias) Belt, son of Col Joseph Belt. The house was located on what now is the luxurious Chevy Chase Country Club located in the SW corner of Connecticut Avenue and Bradley Lane , one half mile north of Chevy Chase Circle. The house stood for about 150 years until destroyed by fire shortly after World War I , about 1921 or 1922."


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