Notes for Joseph BELT

Birth date is verified by Index of Church Registers, compiled by Helen BROWN, publ. by Family Line Publ., Westminster, MD, 1979+.

His estate was inventoried on 24 Sep 1761 by William Bowie and William Locke Weems, who valued it at L539. 2. 0. Tobias Belt and John Belt, Jr., signed as next of kin. Edward Sprigg, the administrator, filed the inventory on 13 Jan 1762.

MD Calendar of Wills: Joseph BELT, Jr., PG, 19 Apr.1759, 27 Aug. 1761 [31:425]. To son Thomas, interest in manor land with water mill, bought of Samuel GALLOWAY. Remainder to wife Ann, exx., for life; at her d., to sons Joseph...Charles...& Wm. Wit. Geo. CLARK, Benj. BROOKES, John Read MAGRUDER. Ann declined as executrix in favor of her brother Edwd. SPRIGG.

Joseph BELT, Jr. inherited the tract FRIENDSHIP in Frederick County, Maryland in 1761 by the will of his grandfather, Col. Joseph Belt

**Marriages and Deaths from the Maryland Gazette, compiled by Robt. BARNES (Geneal. Publishing, Baltimore, 1973): Mr. Joseph BELT, Jr., died Wednesday evening last at his house near Upper Marlborough, aged a little above forty years. He leaves a wife and children (published 11 Je. 1761). Edward SPRIGG, executor, 17 Sep. 1761.

[M & D fr. MD Gazette, 2 July 1761: Col. Joseph BELT died Friday night, 26 June, at his plantation in PG Co., aged 86. His death is supposed to have been occasioned by grief for the death of his son.]

Anyone descending from this line should check probate in Pr. Geo. Co. It's difficult to sort which Joseph was Sr. or Jr., as Edward SPRIGG assisted in both probates.

26 Aug. 1761, 1:531
13 Jan. 1762, Inventory, GS:1:190
24 Jan. 1763, Accounts, DD:6:384
10 Sep. 1764, Accounts, DD:6:395
6 Nov. 1775, Accounts, JD:1:204.

Osborne SPRIGG BELT has been added to the children of Joseph and Anne Belt based on a report by Robert Kirkwood Belt, Sr. prepared in about 1960.
Note Mr Robert Kirkwood Belt advises that there is no record of the parentage of Osborne Sprigg Belt but that much evidence points to his being a son in this family. On the basis of Mr Robert K Belt, Osborne SPRIGG BELT has been added as a child of Joseph & Margery BELT.
Note that Beverly Watts of Willows CA advised see "REGISTER OF MARYLAND HERALDIC FAMILIES, page 63. Her note is under Osborn (e dropped) Sprigg Belt son of Jeremiah Belt and Mary Sprigg. He was born in 1755 in Leeland Prince Geogre's Co Md and died 1801. He married DRUSILLA. Their only child was Osborn Belt, Jr. who married Sarah Turner.
Of course this could be wrong and Osborn (e dropped) Belt, could be the same person shown by Mr Robert Kirkwood Belt, Sr. as the unproven child of Joseph Belt & Anne Sprigg. Problably not because of parent and spouse ties.


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