Notes for John BELT

See Md Hist Mag Vol 8 No 1 (l9l3), pp 195-202. John Belt died after he made a deposition in 1765.
See page 319 Brumbaugh Maryland Records Vol 2.

The birth of John Belt, "March 13, 1707", and his marriage, "March 4, 1727/1728", recorded in the register of Queen Anne's Parish, Prince George's County.

"MARGARET QUEEN was the daughter of Samuel Queen and Katherine Marsham his wife of a (Roman ) Catholic house, but the fact that the marriage was recorded in an Episcopal parish register, would seem to indicate that they were married by an Anglican clergyman."

"JOHN BELT was completely cut off by the last will and testament of his father in 1761, nor were any of the children of JOHN BELT named in the will of their grandfather, COLONEL JOSEPH BELT. No deeds or gifts to JOHN BELT are recorded in Prince George's County to indicate that JOHN had already been provided for. The marriage to the Queen maiden was certainly not a mesal liance. If anything, the Queen and the Marsham connections were perhaps socially above the Belts, though the Belts were by no means a middle class family. In politics the Queens were of the Proprietary Party (conservative), whereas COLONEL JOSEPH BELT was aligned with the liberal element in the Province."

(NOTE: >From Mary Snedeker," I read where John Belt was indebted to the Duvalls so he probably had more problems than having married a catholic).

"The dwelling plantation of John Belt was on a 250 acre portion of INCLOSURE, a tract of 1,50 3 acres which had been surveyed for his maternal grandfather, Colonel Ninian Beall, on Oct. 2, 1687. It is not known how John Belt acquired it , as no deed or conveyance is on record in Prince Georges County, but his brother-in-law, Samuel Queen, held a 297 acre portion and another brother-in-law, Marsham Queen, held a 250 acre portion, so it is quite possible that he gained seizure through his wife"
"According to the rent roll, John Belt, Jr., on Feb. 1, 1764 conveyed 250 acres of the plantation INCLUSURE to Osborn Belt, but a thorough search shows that the deed of conveyance was never recorded."

"John Belt was living as late as 1772, when he was mentioned in the last will and testament of his step-mother, his father's widow, Margery Belt of Prince George's County. No further record is found for him in Maryland. The settlement of his estate did not occur in either Prince George's, Anne Arundel, or Baltimore Counties. It is not known whether he died in Maryland and his affairs were settled privately or whether he accompanied any of his children to the western country. If he continued to live in Maryland, he probably died before 1778, as he can not be placed as any of the John Belts who subscribed to the Patriot's Oath in that year."

"The births of only two children were recorded in Queen Anne's Register, that of Katherine Belt on March 18, 1729/1730, and Sarah Haddock 18 Mar. 17_ _ [entry not legible.]
JOHN BELT who removed to Bedford County, PA.
COL. JEREMIAH BELT who died without issue in 1768.
MARSHAM BELT who removed to Kentucky.

NOTE: However-Children of John Belt and wife Margaret Queen reported by Mr Robert Barnes Family History Researcher on the BELT surname, primarily in Maryland,
are: KATHERINE born 18 Mar 1729; SARAH HADDOCK born 18 Mar 17??; and MARSHAM. His sources are :(A).Christopher Johnston, "Belt Family," repr. from Md His Mag in MD Gen., I, 28-35(B). Registers of Queen Anne's Parish., PG Co.(C). Md Calendar of Wills, 3:222--223. (D). Peden, More Maryland Deponents. (E). Index to Prince George's County Probate Records, 1696-1900; MSA. ( F). Elise Greenup Jourdan. Early Families of Southern Maryland, Volume I. Westminister: Family Line Publications, 1992. This listing of children should be compared to the list as set out by Harry Wright Newman in the above paragraph.


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