Notes for Sarah BELT

Sarah Belt was tried for having a bastard child in Nov. 1728 when John Belt paid a bond for her. The child was named Benoni. Benoni had been designated to be the executor for William Peddicord, Jr.'s will, but he refused to serve. (Baltimore County Wills, 3:374, MSA) Benoni was also fined for "bast." in Nov. 1758, according to Robert Barnes in his Baltimore Families, 1659-1759.

Will of Wm. PEDDICOART, 30 May 1770, 26 July 1776, Balto. Co To wf. Sarah. To ch. Nathan, Wm., Jasper, Humphrey, Nicholas, Caleb, Altheia, & Esther, & Cassandra JOHNSON.

Living when brother Leonard. made will, 1793.


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