Notes for Higginson BELT

Higginson Belt, son of John and Lucy (Lawrence), is stated in a Family record of Julia Belt, dau. of John Lloyd Belt of Rock Hall, Dickerson, MD, to have m. 1st, Sarah Lawrence, b. c1714 in PG Co., MD, by whom he had Higginson and Carlton, and to have m. 2nd, Sarah Marshall.

On the other hand, Zellow C. Belt states that Higginson Belt, Sr., m. Dorothy (nee Williams?), widow of John Rogers, and she was the mother of his children.

Higginson Belt was granted a tract named "Spring Garden", near Laytonsville, in what is now MO Co., in 1738.

The 1755/6 Debt Book of FR Co. states that he owned 250 a. "Spring Garden", and 200 a. "Rogers Chance".

On 24 May, 1757, Frederick County, MD, Land records F: 243. Grantor was Higginson and Dorothy BELT who sold 200 acres of land called "RODGERS CHANCE" to Benjamin PRATHER, Grantee, for 20 pounds. Witnesses: David LYNN & Charles JONES. Signed, Higginson & Dorothy BELT.

On 3 March 1762, Frederick County, MD, Land Records G: 405. Grantor Richard WATERS & Wife Elizabeth granted "COLLIN'S FOLLY" 30.5 acres, to Higginson BELT. Land was on Bare Branch of Seneca River. Witnesses: Thomas PRATHER, David LYNN. Signed, Richard & Elizabeth WATERS. (NB: No meantion of a wife.).

He took the Oath of Fidelity to the State of Maryland on 2 March 1778 in Montgomery County before Elisha Williams.

UNUSUAL: On 23 Feb 1781, through principles of conscience, he freed 14 slaves.

Higginson made his will 15 July 1786, pr. 15 Nov.1788, Montg. Co., MD To wf. Sarah, sons John (ex.), Carlton & Higginson, & dau. Beckey PEDDICOART; grandsons, sons of son Greenbury, Westley & Higginson, under 21. Wit. H., Joshua, & Eliz. [Abstracts say GRIFFITH.]


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