Notes for John BELT

John Belt and Lucy sold VELMEAD in 1724 and moved to Baltimore County

[aged 85, Quaker Records of N. MD; will pr. 17 Feb. 1789, Balto. Co., 4:350 ] m. Luc(e)y [Quaker Records of N. MD name John & Lucey as parents of Lucey, b. 25 of ninth mo. 1744; Mary, b. 30 of fourth mo. 1747, & Joseph, b. 10 of fourth mo. 1750, Gunpowder MM.]

The will of John Belt of Baltimore County, dated 24 Sep 1788, leaving 222 acres to his son John, to his sons Nathan and Joseph, he left all of Aquila's Reserve; he also owned 64 acres on a fork of Piney run, with reversion to his daughters Sarah Randall, Lucy Malone and Mary Belt (Baltimore County, Maryland Wills, 4: 350).The will was probated in 17 February 1789. The names of John and Lucy's children are listed by Johnston page 32 and Shirk page 41).

He died at age 85 according to the Friends Records. The births of 3 children of John and Luc y are entered in the same records.
He was an Elder of Gunpowder Meeting.

On 12 Feb 1727 his father, John Belt, "the Elder," conveyed him 375 acres called Nanjemy (BAL R IS# 1;61). On 16 Sep. 1783 John Belt conveyed the whole Nanjemy plantation to Leonard Belt (BALR WG#R:218). Leonard was not in his father's will dated 24 Sep 1788. Perhaps from th e time of the 1783 conveyance son Leonard may have been disowned for marrying contrary to discipline ?


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