Notes for Jeremiah BELT

Jeremiah was not named in his father's will but was bpt. with siblings in 1703. Thus he was b.1698 after the father's will was made.

Jeremiah had no children named in his mother-in-law's will in 1725, so he was probably resently married.

Will of Anne (BAKER?) [GANTT] WIGHT, Pr. Geo., made 15 S 1725, pr. 26 May 1726. To son Thomas GANETT. To daus. Margery SPRIGG; Mary, wf/o Jeremiah BELT; Fielder, wf/o John POWELL; dau-in-law Priscilla GANTT; grandsons Thomas & Edward GANTT & Thos. & Edward SPRIGG; granddaus. Anne POWELL, Anne SPRIGG. Anne PRISCILLA, & Elizabeth GANTT. Jeremiah BELT, ex. Wit. A. CONTEE, Verlinder BROWNE, Daniel KNOGWELL.

MD Cal/o Wills: Col. Jeremiah BELT, Pr. Geo. Co., 15 Oct. 1750, pr. 23 Nov. 1768. To wf. Mary. To Edward TALBOT, tract "Belts Tomahawk" on Sennet's Creek, Fredk. Co. To Jeremiah BELT, s/o Col. Joseph, then to Jeremiah's sons Richard & Edward, but if they dsp, to Joseph, s/o Col. Joseph. To Fielder GANT. Mortgage to John BRENNER. He mentioned Tobias BELT & Joseph Spriggs BELT, also Thoms {sic} BELT, bro/o Jos. Sprigg BELT. Tracts: Belt's Pigpen, Breshers Neck, Orphens Gift, & land of Francis DORSET. Exs. wf. Mary & Jeremiah BELT. Wit. Joseph HOLYFIELD, Geo. CROSS, Ellison HOLYFIELD.

MD Court of Appeals, Annapolis, Belt vs. Belt, 1771. Jeremiah BELT m2. 1760, Mary BROOK[ES]. it is supposed to have upheld the above will. Needs checking.


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