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MD Deponents by Henry C. PEDEN: Joseph BELT, PR. Geo. aet. 35 in 1715 [PC:177].

Pr. Geo. Co., MD, Indexes of Church Registers, Queen Anne Parish, BELT:

Joseph & Ester had

John, b. 13 Mar. 1707; m. 4 Mar. 1727/8, Margret QUEEN, & had Katherine, b. 18 Mar. 1729, & Sarah Haddock, b. 18 Mar. 17_ _

Rachel, b. 13 Dec. 1711; m. 11 July 1727, Osborn SPRIGG, had Lucy, b. 9 Jan. 1728/9; Ester, b. 6 Feb. 1730/1; Rachel, b. 1 Je. 1733; Priscilla, b. 26 S 1735.

Joseph, b. 19 Dec. 1717

Tobias, b. 20 Aug. 1720

Mary, b. 24 Dec. 1722

Jeremiah, b. 4 Mar. 1724; m. 21 Je. 1746, Mary SPRIGG, & had Richard, b. 26 Dec. 1747; John Sprigg, b. 18 S 1752; Thomas Sprigg, b. 19 July 1756; Mary, b. 18 Aug. 1758; Margery, b. 18 Jan. 1764; Tobias, b. 21 Je. 1766.

James BELT, b. 23 July 1726 & 23 July 1727. Both years, same source. It makes more sense if it was 1726, since there was a remarriage and Humphrey was b. ca. 1728.


YEAR 1680:
Born in Anne Arundel County, Maryland of parents John Belt and Elizabeth [unknown].

YEAR 1698 AGE 18:
His father, John Belt, died November 1698, in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

YEAR 1701 AGE 21:
His father's will left land to him at his mother's death. However, on April 12, 1701 his mother deeded him the "to be inherited" land three months before she remarried.

YEAR 1701 AGE 21:
His mother, Elizabeth (?) Belt married second to John Lamb on July 25, 1791 in All Hallow s Parish, Anne Arundel Parish, Maryland.

YEAR 1704 AGE 24:
Married Hester/Esther Beall, daughter of Colonel Ninian Beall and Ruth Moore. Col Beall gave them a house as a wedding present located in the general vicinity of Chevy Chase Circle.

YEAR 1707 AGE 27:
JOHN, first son of Col Joseph Belt and wife Esther Beall was born March 13, 1707 in Leeland , Prince George's County, Maryland.

YEAR 1721 AGE 41:
Received warrant for 500 acres of land on January 12, 1721.

YEAR 1723 AGE 43:
Appointed Visitor (Trustee) in Prince George's County, Maryland to establish a school for "The Encouragement of Learning".

YEAR 1726 AGE 44:
James last child of Col Joseph Belt and wife Esther Beal, b. 23 July 1726 & 23 July 1727. Both years, same source. It makes more sense if it was 1726, since there was a remarriage and Humphrey was b. ca. 1728.

YEAR 1725 AGE 45:
Received patent for the warranted 500 acres on July 10, 1725. The land was to be known as CHEVY CHASE PLANTATION and was later enlarged to 1,000 acres. Appointed Lt. Col. of Militia

YEARS 1725-1737:
Served as a member of The House of Burgeses.

YEAR 1726 AGE 46:
One of the Founders of Rock Creek Parish.

YEARS 1726-1728:
Gentleman Justice of Prince George's County, Maryland.

BEFORE 1728:
First wife Esther Beall died.

YEAR 1728 ?
Married second to Margery Wight widow of Thomas Sprigg and daughter of Capt John Wight.

YEAR 1728 AGE 48:
Promoted to Colonel of Militia. Humphrey Belt born, the first child of Col Joseph Belt and his second wife Margery Wight Sprigg.

YEAR 1733 AGE 53:
A member of Commission that presented a plan for laying out a new town to be named Marlboro , Maryland.

YEAR 1748 AGE 68:
Member of Colonel George Beall's Troop of Horse.

YEAR 1761 AGE 81:
Son Joseph Belt, Jr., died at Chevy Chase Plantation on June 6, 1761.

YEAR 1761 AGE 81:
Colonel Joseph Belt died at his Chelsea Plantation on June 26, 1761. His will, dated June 14 , 1761, probated in Prince George's County,is recorded in the Archives of Maryland, Vol 34, Page 741

[M & D fr. MD Gazette, 11 Je. 1761, Mr Joseph BELT, Jr., died Wednesday at his house near Upper Malborough, aged a little above 40. Also, 17 Sept. 1761: Edward Sprigg, ex. / 2 July 1761: Col Joseph BELT died Friday night, 26 June at his plantation in PG Co., aged 86. His death is supposed to have been occasioned by grief for the death of his son.]

The place of Col Joseph Belt's burial has not been located.

NOTE: Apparently Col Joseph Belt and his father-in-law Col Ninian Beall were among the largest landowners in the Pre-Revolutionary Colonies? Col Joseph Belt's first son JOHN married out of the Belt family religion and of course his wife did too. Were both disinherited/ abandoned by their families. (Her family too was a very significant Colonial family landowner). Then when Col Belt died, his grand children, NOT including those of his first son JOHN BELT, were left many plantations while nothing was left to JOHN's children !

Col Belt's second wife, JOHN's stepmother, at her death left TWO (2) cows and calves to JOHN. ... during JOHN's later life he lived on land patented to his grandfather Col Ninian Beall.


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