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Elizabeth's maiden name is often shown as [TYDINGS]*, although possible there are other possiblities to. Rick Sanders site at explains this in detail.
*(For source marriage proof of John Belt to Elizabeth Tydings see Compendium of American Genealogy by Fred Virkus, Vol 4 page 645).

Elizabeth, widow of John BELT, had Margaret LAMB, who was bpt. 14 Dec. 1703, All Hallows, with Elizabeth, Charity, Sarah, & Jeremy BELT, children of John and Elizabeth. [Anne Arundel County Church Records of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, by F. Edward WRIGHT].

"After the death of her husband and as Elizabeth Lamb she had her four daughters - Charity, Elizabeth, Jemima and Sarah - baptized at the parish church of All Hallows on December 14, 1703. (Ref. 1)".(NOTE: Was Jemima her daughter by husband John Lamb? or nickname for daughter Margery Sprigg?).

"John Lamb died testate in 1715. His last will and testament, dated December 27, 1714, was probated on June 14, 1715, in Anne Arundel County by Elinar Mariate, JOHN BELT, and W. Wooton . (Ref.2). Jeremiah Belt who was born after his father executed his will and whom John Lamb styled his son-in-law was devised 150 acres of "The Widow's Purchase" on the north side of Beaver Dam Branch in the forks of the Patuxent River in Prince George's County".

"ELIZABETH", the widow respectively of JOHN BELT and John Lamb, died testate in Anne Arundel County. Her last will and testament, dated August 1, 1737, was probated on December 14, 173 7, by Samuel Smith, George Taylor and Edward
Scott. (Ref. 3)."

" She bequeathed 20 shillings each to the following children- John Belt, JOSEPH BELT, Benjamin Belt, Jeremiah Belt, Charity Mullikin, Sarah Harwood and Margaret Watkins. To her son-in-law Nicholas Watkins, she willed 5 Lbs. and certain personalty to her grand daughter Mary Harwood. The residue was bequeathed to her grandson, Nicholas Watkins, but in the event of his death without issue before 21 years of age, then the estate was to pass t o her two grand daughters, Elizabeth Watkins and Anne Watkins."

The following is from MARYLAND HERITAGE, A Family History, by Katharine Beall Adams:
"That John and Elizabeth Belt were devout Quakers in the South River community is amply proved by the use of their home for Friends' meetings.


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